Dai Chenlian :Painting Theatre|戴陈连:架上剧场

我们荣幸地宣布,Tonggallery+projects 将于20191019日举办艺术家戴陈连个展“架上剧场”。此次展览将展出戴陈连剧场表演创作概念所延展出的最新绘画实践——架上剧场,将呈现艺术家藉由剧场中虚拟时间、特定空间、动作痕迹等等语言架构和方法所进行的平面拟态作品。



We are very pleased to announce that on 19 October 2019 Tong gallery+projects will inaugurate the solo show featuringartist Dai Chen-lian — Painting Theatre.  This show would feature the latest paintingpractice of the artist— Painting Theatre, which is based on the extendedcreative concepts of theater performance. The flat 2-dimentional mimeticartworks in this exhibition are inspired by linguistic formulation and methodssuch as the virtual temporality, specific spatiality and the motion traceetc.

The flat 2-dimentional mimetic artworks present the newest attempts ofthe artist to inquire the correlations among different media and to provide newthree-dimensional feeling about the painting temporality.  The artist has many years-experiences ofperformance in galleries, art agencies, private families and communities etc.,and he seeks to integrate the experience of theatric arts, the regrettable andunachievable performance into another form of “script” writing, albeitpainting. He tries to connect similar graphs and historical events in what hecoins as theatrical forms on the easel. He elaborately designs the correlationsamong the images to render new performance and narrative; he weaves the mimeticimages, colors, structures, light and texts into a rehearsal; he mixes thepainting actions with performative actions to generate a temporality andspatiality which is a mixture of reality and design. The editing of the time,the arrangement of sound, the reminder of light presented in this exhibition havebeen consistent with his previous performance in the theatre. It seems to be arehearsal of methods, narrative and errors in languages. However, the fact isthat by the multi-scene narrative, the abstraction of things and theapplication of language, the artist conveys his persistent concern and profoundinquiry about the destiny of nobody. This exhibition lasts till 1st December 2019.


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