NFT,the birth of new tools
2022.7.9 – 2022.7.31
Curator: Guo Cheng

创作者:Alotta Money / @strayltd / Coldie / fabiano speziari / hyperstasis / Kochi / 刘思麟 / Nervina Labs / Nik.Vct / 蒙胜宇 / 佘璐芸/ Osinachi / 王兴 / WeirDAO / XCOPY

Artist and institution: Alotta Money / @strayltd / Coldie / fabiano speziari / hyperstasis / Kochi / Liu Silin / Nervina Labs / Nik.Vct / Simon Meng / 1ceas / Osinachi / Wang Xing / WeirDAO / XCOPY

合作机构:async.art / SeeDAO  / 数字化合物

Partners:async.art / SeeDAO / DigitalCompound

特别项目:Everybody, Nobody / h0m3w0rk

Special projects: Everybody, Nobody / h0m3w0rk

展览地址:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区中二街D06 Tong Gallery+Projects

Venue: D06, Middle 2nd St., 798 Art Zone, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, BJ

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Visit: online / offline tickets 30 ¥


文 / 郭成




在众多的NFT交易平台中,async.art是独特而具有代表性的一个。async是计算机编程语言中“异步”算法,意味着多个任务的同时进行。async.art正是将编程的代码打包,工具的优化给艺术家创造了平等的创作环境,NFT在async.art实现了艺术和技术的同频共振,将创作者带入web3空间。并且Async蓝图(Async Blueprints)和音乐蓝图(Music Blueprints)等功能的发布正在为创作提供越来越丰富的工具。


数字化合物从创立之初就将区块链视为油画颜料一样的技术本体,在区块链的工作原理和作品的意义表达之间探索艺术的可能性。“加密原生”(crypto native)作品对创作者提出了包括视觉、编程、机制设计等多方面的要求,显然没有这样一个超级个体能同时具备全面的知识,合作也就成了文化工业化时代对创作者提出的要求。数字化合物强调参与者的协作与互动,以化合反应赋能创作行为。


区块链技术的开放平等构建了新的合作形式。PoW(工作量证明,Proof of Work)从一种技术规则衍生为分配机制,DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)由此而生。SeeDAO是中文世界最有代表性的DAO组织,区块链重构的技术伦理催生了强大的生产力。展览将展出SeeDAO投研公会的web3大学课程表和翻译公会的文章集合,是NFT和加密艺术的核心知识。

Everybody, Nobody

以“工具”为主题,将在展览期间以公开征集的方式收集“五官”,创作人人参与并且网络匿名的“Everybody, Nobody” 项目。“Everybody, Nobody” 在7月31日前收集共创元素,使用async.art平台的Blueprints功能,在展期结束时生成共创的的PFP(profile picture)NFT。TongGallery+Projects 邀请刺刺、孙宇、童昆鸟、商思敏、武子扬、硬虎制野、甄颂皓70zsh、郑田明8位艺术家共同创作epic版本(史诗版本),这些艺术家创作的元素也将最终参与NFT组合。

NFT,the birth of new tools

By Guo Cheng
In 1779, a weaver named Ned Rudd smashed two looms in anger, triggering a movement against industrialization. The use of new technologies often has a huge impact on the original production relations. The impact of NFT on art is no less than an industrial revolution. It not only puts forward new requirements for creators, but also reconstructs a series of relationships such as display, collection and communication.
The Collins dictionary included NFT as the hot word of 2021. At the same time, there was a dispute when Wikipedia included NFT entries, and finally rejected the content of NFT as an art entry. That’s right. NFT is a blockchain programming technology, but because its uniqueness and traceability naturally coincide with works of art, the two are bound together. “NFT, the birth of new tools” is to restore NFT to a technical tool through an exhibition and clarify the relationship between NFT and works. The dimensionality reduction technology, results of collaboration and common knowledge will show the relationship aesthetics constructed by blockchain technology and its operation mechanism.
Dimensionality Reduction Technology
Among many NFT trading platforms, async.art is a unique and representative one. Async is an “asynchronous” algorithm in computer programming language, which means that multiple tasks are performed at the same time. Async.art packages the programming code and optimizes tools to create an equal creative environment for artists. NFT in async.art realizes the same frequency resonance of art and technology, bringing creators into Web3 space. The release of functions such as async blueprints and music blueprints is providing more and more rich tools for creation.
Results of Collaboration
Since its inception, digital compound has regarded blockchain as a technical ontology like oil paint, exploring the possibility of art between the working principle of blockchain and the meaning expression of works. “Crypto native” works put forward many requirements for creators, including vision, programming, mechanism design and so on. Obviously, no individual creator can have comprehensive knowledge at the same time, and cooperation has become a requirement for creators in the era of cultural industrialization. Digital compounds emphasize the collaboration and interaction of participants, and enable creative behavior through chemical reaction.
Common Knowledge
The openness and equality of blockchain technology has built a new form of cooperation. Pow (proof of work) is derived from a technical rule into an allocation mechanism, from which Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) is born. Seedao is the most representative Dao organization in the Chinese world. The technical ethics of blockchain reconstruction has given birth to powerful productivity. The exhibition will display the Web3 university curriculum of Seedao Investment Research Association and the collection of articles of Translation Association, which are the core knowledge of NFT and encryption art.
Everybody, Nobody
With “tools” as the theme, the “five senses” will be collected in an open way during the exhibition to create an anonymous “everyone, nobody” project that everyone participates in. “Everyone, nobody” collects co creation elements from June 25 to July 31, using async.art The blueprints function of art platform generates a co-created PFP (profile picture) NFT at the end of the exhibition period. Tong Gallery invited eight artists, including Cactus, Sun Yu, Tong kunniao, Shang Simin, Wu Ziyang, Inhoo, 70zsh and Zheng Tianming, to jointly create epic versions. These artists’ creative elements will also eventually participate in the NFT portfolio.



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