《蓝色泳衣》 布面丙烯 70*90cm 2018




文 / 张心一

美术史中的经典作品形成的图像在当下以各种方式进行解读和消费,以至于在我们的印象中,那些天才的作品中的细节已经没有那么重要,保留的只是形象和剧情。 而在互联网美学中,标准化圆角的绘图风格营造出友好轻松的界面,以刺激人们点击和消费的欲望。有趣的是,ICON一词同时承载着圣像画和计算机图标的双重含义,恰恰反映了人们对待知识和经典的扁平化态度,而我基于这一点,将极度简化的形象嵌入到网络时代的视觉经验中去。在本次展览中,我将视野继续聚焦于经典肖像绘画中“深度”的消失,解除肖像的神圣化,从唤起观者对主体的再次“凝视”。


Artist Statement

By Zhang Xinyi

The pictures generated by the classical works along art history are being interpreted and consumed in various ways; so much so that the details in the works by those geniuses have become less important in our impression, only the images and the plots remain. From the viewpoint of cyber aesthetics, the painting styles with standard fillet create friendly and relaxing interface to stimulate the user’s desire to click and consume. Interestingly, the term ICON also bears the double meaning of Christian ICON and computer icon; which exactly reflects the flattened attitude of the human towards knowledge and classics. Based on this, I embed the extremely simplified images into visual experience in cyber times. In this exhibition, I continue to focus my vision on the disappearance of “Depth” in classical portrait, to deconstruct the defying of portrait, thus to evoke the audience’s “Gaze” upon the subject one more time.






2019 有机Bio,八大画廊,上海M50创意园

2019 再“图像”,中央美术学院,北京

2019 派对 new year new lens,情绪美术馆,北京

2018 Interesting.,Tong Gallery+Projects,北京

2016 Icon,Tong Gallery+Projects,北京


2020 迷失再造,屏幕间Missing gallery, 上海

2020 广州当代·艺术博览会,广州

2020 一个你的房间,昊美术馆,上海

2020 有机BIO,松美术馆(松艺术区),北京

2019 艺术深圳,深圳

2019 “Rundgang”HFG,卡尔斯鲁厄,德国

2018 “去碑营”——画的诞生,应画廊,北京

2018 Art Busan,釜山,韩国

2018 游戈,滨江宝龙艺术中心,杭州

2018  Art Central HK,红门画廊,香港

2017  再聚焦:第二届深圳当代艺术双年展, 深圳华侨城OCAT, 深圳

2017  “新物NEW OBJECTS”张心一 史玉龙双人展,瑜舍酒店,北京

2017  袭击日常,俊安实验艺术教育中心,北京

2017  缝合:当代艺术从业人员诗选,尤伦斯艺术商店,北京

2017  霹雳,红门画廊,北京

2017  中央美术学院研究生作品展

2016  ICON 张心一个展 ,Tong+projects,北京798

2016  没想到你是这样的,CAFAM 双年展,中央美术学院美术馆

2016  尖先生与卡小姐项目A——宋庄美术馆建馆十周年展,宋庄美术馆,北京

2015  798 艺葩,798 艺术工厂,北京

2015  创作者的启迪卡,北京成蹊艺术中心,北京

2015  相生—中央美术学院研究生优秀作品展,炎黄艺术馆,北京

2015  常青藤计划:中国青年艺术家年展,今日美术馆,北京

2015  城市思想—青年实验艺术展,马奈草地美术馆,北京

2015  思空见惯,草场地壹方空间,北京



2016  中央美术学院 国家奖学金

2015  CAFA创新梦想秀金奖

2015  中央美术学院全额奖学金

2014  中央美术学院全额奖学金

2009  中央戏剧学院国家励志奖学金


Zhang Xinyi (b. 1987, Shandong, China) currently works and lives in Beijing. The artist tries to digest the role of images as a script and embeds the simplified images in the visual experience in the Era of the Internet. She is now studying for a degree of Doctor of Arts in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated with a Master Degree in Experimental Art from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2017 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Stage Design in the Central Academy of Drama in 2010.

Solo Exhibitions 

2019  “Bio”, Pata gallery, Shanghai M50 

2019  “Party”, Emotional Art Museum, 798 Art District, Beijing 

2018  “INTERESTING. ”, Tong Gallery+Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing 

2016  “ICON” , Tong Gallery+Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing 


Selected Exhibitions

2020  FAS, Song lounge, Beijing 

2020  OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, Tong Gallery+Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing 

2019  Bio, Song lounge, Beijing 

2019  Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen 

2019  Rundgang” HFG, Karlsruhe, Germany 

2018  “Steles V” – Vive le travail, Ying space, Beijing 

2018  Duration, Powerlong Art Center, Hangzhou 

2018  Art Central HK, Red Gate Gallery, Hongkong 

2018  “RESONATING”Tong Gallery+Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing 

2017  Refocusing: The 2nd Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art, OCAT, Shenzhen 

2017  NEW OBJECT – by Shi Yulong and Zhang Xinyi, The Opposite House, Beijing 

2017  Assault Every Day, Jun An Experimental Art Education Center, Beijing 

2017  Stitching: Contemporary Art Practitioners Poetry Anthology, UCCASTORE, Beijing 

2017  Thunderbolt, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing 

2016  CAFAM Biennial, CAFAM 

2016  Mr. Jian and Miss Ka, Project A, Song Zhuang Art Museum, Beijing 

2015  798 Art Mad Men, Beijing 

2015  Inspiration Cards for Creative Souls, Beijing Chengxi Contemporary Art Center, Beijing 

2015  Coexistence: CAFA Excellent Graduate Exhibition, Yan Huang Art Museum 

2015  Ivy Plan: Chinese Young Artist Annual Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

2015  City Thoughts, Manet Art Museum, Beijing 

2015  Scheming in Space, Square One Art Space, Caochangdi, Beijing


2016 China National Scholarship, CAFA

2015 Innovation Dream Show Gold Award, CAFA

2015 Full Scholarship, CAFA

2014 Full Scholarship, CAFA

2009 National Endeavor Scholarship, The Central Academy of Drama


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