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TONG GALLERY+PROJECTS 由孙彤女士于2015年创立,是一家坐落于北京798艺术区的当代艺术画廊。画廊主要专注于发现国内外具有独特性潜质的年轻艺术家,呈现专业、高品质展览,举办具有实验性和探索意义的互动项目。

创立六年间,画廊相继推出了蔡东东、胡枢、兰昭形、刘思麟、刘夏、潘望舒、孙宇、童昆鸟、温一沛、尤阿达、张爱力、张怀儒、张小黎、张心一、RUN Feifei;日本艺术家皆藤 斋(KAITO Itsuki);英国艺术家马克·纳德(Mark Nader)的作品,备受专业藏家、主流艺术媒体及业内人士的关注。其中,最具代表性的展览是艺术家温一沛的2017年个展“飞鸟之影”,画廊邀请了空间设计师欧阳昆仑亲自操刀展厅设计,为观者打造出游廊般的迂回路线,带来了远景与近景交替出现的园林景观。画廊策划的其他展览,包括蔡东东的个展“落石”、刘夏的个展“Holy Painting”获得了公认为最具学术性的ARTFORUM艺术论坛的关注并撰写展评;张心一的个展“icon”关注度、报道量及转发数量惊人,一度成为艺术媒体、大众媒体、新媒体及微信朋友圈热议的对象。

Tong Gallery+Projects积极与策展人、艺术家和其他机构合作,共同推广当代艺术。2015年11月与寺上美术馆合作的艺术家Brian的驻留项目展;2016年10月由Tong Gallery+Projects主办,Cipa Gallery场地支持的四重奏影像展促使我们去探索更多的实验性项目及策展理念,以期发展为更为成熟、专业的艺术机构。在疫情肆虐的2020年,画廊积极应变,推出线上群展《窗外》;而疫情缓和后的首场个展《黎界》更是以结合医学和艺术的“罐头山水”系列作品吸引了众多新藏家,并得到艺术媒体ArtAlpha的报道和展评撰写。​

2021年是画廊成立的第六个年头,Tong Gallery+Projects有幸成为北京画廊协会的新成员,这标志着画廊在过去六年的努力得到了行业协会的认可。未来,画廊将继续用致力于挖掘年轻艺术家,敬请期待。

TONG GALLERY+PROJECTS was set up by Sun Tong in early 2015, and it is located in Beijing 798 Art Zone. The gallery focuses on discovering young artists with particular potentials in China and abroad; presenting professional and high-quality exhibitions; and conducting interactive projects with experimental and explorative significance. 

In the past six years, the gallery has successfully continually introduced several young artists, including Chinese Artists, such as Cai Dongdong, Hu Shu, Lan Zhaoxing, Liu Silin, Liu Xia, Pan Wangshu, Sun Yu, Tong Kunniao, Wen Yipei, ¥ouada, Zhang Aili, Zhang Huairu, Zhang Xiaoli and Zhang Xinyi; Japanese artists Run Feifei, KAITO Itsuki, and British artist Mark Nader. It drives much attention from professional collectors, mainstream art media and many people within the industry. For instance, Cai Dong-dong’s solo show “Falling Stone” and Liu Xia’s “Holy Painting” were followed and reviewed by the most academic ARTFORUM; Wen Yi-pei’s “Visible In Visible Spaces” was appreciated by many professional collectors; Zhang Xin-yi’s “icon” gained astonishing publicity, media coverage and forwarding rate, and it once became hotspot among art media, mass media, new media and WeChat circles.

Tong Gallery+Projects takes an active part in cooperation with curators, artists and other agency to promote contemporary art. In November 2015, the gallery collaborated with Sishang Art Museum to organize the resident exhibition for artist Brian; in October 2016, Tong Gallery+Projects hosted the “Quartet” video exhibition, with the field support from Cipa Gallery. Both inspire our further exploration in experimental projects and curatorial ideas to become a more mature and professional art agency.

In the past year of 2020 when the global pandemic was rampant, the gallery reacted accordingly and organized an online exhibition Out Side The Window. Its first solo exhibition after the virus was contained in China Li Galaxy attracted new collectors with medically-artistic series “Mountains and Waters in Containers”, which was covered by art media Art Alpha.

The year 2021 marks the sixth anniversary of the founding of Tong Gallery+Projects. It’s an honour that the gallery became a member of the Art Gallery Association of Beijing, China as a recognition of its past efforts. In the future, Tong Gallery+Projects will keep looking for potential young artists. Thanks for your support!